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Every single websites are differenet in almost every ways, thus their rankings too. SEOCLIVE Domain Authority Checker is a free tool to check the value of your website using the score which developed by MOZ. Know more about your own site and get it accountable.


Domain Authority and page authority

Google uses a huge number of attributes to find the search engine ranking of a website. Since not all websites are of the same quality, the search engine ranking may differ. Some sites get hundreds of traffic every day while others are competing to appear in search engine results. The strategies used for ranking predicts the website’s capability to rank on SERPs. Here comes the relevance of Domain Authority and Page Authority. Both terms show how authoritative the webpage is.

How to Find Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority Can Be Checked Using Moz Link Explorer ( "" ). but You Have to Create an Account to Check the Same. Otherwise, You Can Check Domain Authority Using Other Free Tools. We Do Provide Domain Authority Checker Which Is Also Powered by Moz. Click below Link to Check Domain Authority for Free

What is a Domain

Domain names are utilized in URLs to recognize particular Web pages. It works on the Internet equivalent to a physical address system. Each portion of the domain name delivers some piece of information. These data allow web browsers to identify the web page.

The Domain name is actually one of the sections inside a URL (Universal Resource Locator) that shows the location of a website. If users type a web address at their browser window, it set up a method of finding the page demanded. For the successful execution of the process, the information inside the URL should point to the exact location.

Generally, there are many ways to find quality as well as the authority of a site. Though, DA is one of the most frequently used SEO metrics to assess a website’s whole performance. Domain Authority tells you the significance of the site in a specific area.

The techniques were introduced by the SEO software company Moz. These are Moz's calculated metrics to show how a given webpage is likely to rank in SERPs. DA is extremely significant and the score can be ranged from 1 to 100. If the site needs a better rank, the score should be higher to get indexed rapidly and will have a greater chance of top ranking in the search results.

What Is Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) Is a Score Based or a Wide Variety of Algorithms to Determine the Ranking Capability of a Domain on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Domain Authority Is Developed by an American Company Moz. Domain Authority Is Used as an Alternative for Google Pagerank Which Has Been Discontinued by Google Itself.

What is Page Authority

PA or a Page Authority describes the probability of a page to rank well. PA usually predict the chances for a particular page to rank in Search engines as well as employs a 0 to 100 logarithmic scale. Higher PA means the web page has the ability to rank well in SERPs.

Generally, these metrics are vital for calculating the overall durability of separate ranking pages or domains. For a freshly launched website, the metric starts with a score of one. If the website is newly designed, do not look for a great score directly. Once it gets indexed, the SEO procedures would start.

DA PA Checker Tool

There are numerous conditions where the DA PA Checker tool is employed such as checking the present authority of a website, evaluating new link building chances, understanding of the value of fresh links directing to your website, etc. Usually, the common grading systems check only one URL at a time and need to create a separate account for measuring.

Here, in our DA PA Checker Tool; you can check up to 10 URL’s at a time without any hindrance. You can operate the bulk Domain Authority Checker by entering the website links in the given text box and clicking on the "Check Now" button. In fraction of a second, the Domain Authority Checker will show the outcomes comprising DA, PA, Inbound links and Moz rank.

With this bulk Domain Authority Checker, you can analyse an average of 10 separate URLs which is the key benefit of our tool. It not only delivers the facts related to DA but also aids to detect the related PA. Both the DA and PA are stated numerically from 0 to 100. The highest score shows an excellence or authority of a website.

If your website gets a higher ranking, then it has the capability to be ranked maximum. With such a grading system, you will determine the chances of guessing the ranking and where the site appears in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). As a result, everyone will try to make their pages ranked greater.

There are countless features that reflect in rankings. For example, tweets, page visits, link clicks, and shares, etc. definitely affects the domain authority as well as the SEO struggles of a particular brand. The websites should be concerned about the significance of both external and internal links. These links assist visitors to direct what they are trying to catch. If they are stuck in any of your web page, these links turn as a way back to the homepage. This totally enhances the user experience.

Occasionally, it’s necessary to visit your link profile and hunt for any backlinks. Also, eliminate any kind of links posted all over your website that direct to any bad sites which convey a negative impact. Because DA is hard to impact straight since it comprises of some metrics and link data that influences the authority calculation. All these methods are inevitable to locate how good your site is in search results. For getting the best results, you should build out a strong digital marketing strategy first. In Dubai, we provide the Domain Authority checker as a tool for getting better results in digital marketing. This makes people tend to visit and revisit your web site!